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NeuroWeaponry Art Book, by Omnisense & Jon Kimpoy
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COINTELPRO Warfare Guide, by Omnisense
Coming Soon

The New Age Belief System – NWO Religion, by Omnisense
Coming Soon

Murder by Proxy: Black Ops Assassination, by Omnisense
Coming Soon
____________________________ is a
Universal Aspects Multimedia Publication

2 thoughts on “Free Omnisense PDF’s”

  1. Hi Omnisense,

    I try to download the free .pdf files you offer on your website, but something does not work ((here in the Netherlands at least) because nothing is changing when I click on the titles you offer.
    Is some thing not working today, or do I choose the wrong buttons?
    I am anyway greatful for the difficult work you are doing to educate your followers with important topics.

    Best wishes,
    Fred Opmeer
    The Netherlands
    PS: I do not have a website anymore.

    1. I’m not sure what is happening, it works for me. Maybe it is browser specific or something else. Perhaps try to Google: “NeuroWeaponry PDF” and try clicking the google link instead of the one on my website. Maybe that would work?

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